Are You Ready for the Next Step in Your Life?

Are you stuck or struggling with that next step in your life?

Are you ready to clear out those old belief systems that are keeping you stuck in a problem?

Your happiness and success are waiting and together we can work to help you discover what’s most important in your life. We’ll work to clear the hurdles and obstacles that are keeping you from being your best self and help you connect with a solution through a more resourceful state of mind.


Andy SilverHi, I’m Andy Silver. My personal coaching incorporates my coaching and intuition specialties in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Consulting Hypnosis and Spiritual Mediation and enables me to help you gain insight and achieve closure with your personal relationships, your workplace relationships and your deceased loved ones.

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How Can I Help?
How Can I Help?

For fun, I perform stand-up comedy which I have enjoyed doing since 1999. Click here to see the 5-minute video of one of my recent performances. (I only write clean, family-friendly material.)